Do You Care Yourself ?

Do you focus enough on self-care? The Self-Care Quiz below will help answer that question. Answer the questions honestly however appropriate at this moment. Your results will be calculated instantly and you will receive specific steps forward depending on your score. *Notice: This quiz is for informational purposes only. It is not an official diagnosis or a replacement for professional mental care. 

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I take breaks at work and relax on weekends and holidays.

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I spend most of my time with people who support and energize me.

3 / 12

I have things to look forward to in my life.

4 / 12

I am happy with my 'style'.

5 / 12

I feel good about my health and energy levels.

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I journal, sit quietly, meditate, or have alone time regularly.

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I get enough sleep each night and feel well rested.

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I am up to date on all my health and dental checkups.

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I say "No" to myself and others when I need to.

10 / 12

I eat well most of the time.

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I have forgiven myself for past mistakes.

12 / 12

I recognize when I'm too stressed and take a break when I need to get away.

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Stress Test

Please remember that this is not an exhaustive stress assessment, these questions can only provide some insight into your stress levels. *Notice: If you or someone you know is experiencing higher levels of stress, it’s essential to seek support from friends, family, or a mental health professional. Taking care of yourself and seeking help or support if you feel overwhelmed is essential.

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Are you satisfied with the amount of social support you receive from friends and family?

2 / 10

Do you often feel tense or experience muscle stiffness?

3 / 10

How regularly do you engage in mindfulness or relaxation exercises?

4 / 10

How often do you experience irritability or mood swings?

5 / 10

Do you often find yourself thinking about work or tasks even during your leisure time?

6 / 10

Do you often feel fatigued, even after a full night's sleep?

7 / 10

Are you satisfied with your current work-life balance?

8 / 10

How frequently do you engage in physical exercise to relieve stress?

9 / 10

Do you often experience racing thoughts or a busy mind?

10 / 10

How frequently do you engage in activities that bring you joy and relaxation?

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