Most frequent questions and answers

Please keep your latest photo (JPG, PNG), your signed resume (PDF) and College consent/approval letter for the internship (PDF) ready before applying for the internship program.

You will be assigned a project exposing you to different business processes. The project will be divided into field visits and work-from-home assignments.

The project process flow after your final selection to the Internship Program is as follows:

Week 1 (Assignment & Planning)

  1. You will be assigned a project with a product category on the same day as your final selection.
  2. You’ll have to submit a complete plan for achieving the project tasks within 06 days of the product category being assigned to you.
  3. A Project Kit with a T-shirt, Visiting Cards, Product Samples and access to resources such as Canva, Company’s Social Media Handles and Soft Files required for your project will be given.

Week 2 – Week 11 (Strategy Implementation)

  1. Organizing the field campaigns as per the marketing plan submitted.
  2. Visit the sales points.
  3. Running online marketing campaigns and post creation and sharing.

Week 12 (Analysis & Reports Submission)

Submission of a complete project report with an analysis of different strategies implemented and their comparative analysis along with project feedback.

The field visit assignments will cover traditional marketing and sales processes. You will have to submit a marketing plan to us depending on the category of products you have been assigned. The marketing plan should comprise the following:

  1. Identification of sales points for the products, visiting those sales points and taking orders for the products. 
  2. Designing and Organizing campaigns in Colleges/Schools/Residencies/Corporations to promote brand awareness.
  3. Action Plan to achieve the sales target given during the project. (For each successful sale you will be paid an additional incentive).

The achievement of sales targets will qualify you for a badge awarded in the final internship completion certificate. The program badges are divided into the following categories:

  1. Star Badge: Awarded on more than 100% achievement of Sales Targets.
  2. Gold Badge: Awarded on 100 % achievement of Sales Targets.
  3. Silver Badge: Awarded on 51 % to 99% achievement of Sales Targets.
  4. Bronze Badge: Awarded on 25% to 50 % achievement of Sales Targets.

Our projects give you exposure to different business processes in a live environment. You get an opportunity to design and run both offline and online marketing campaigns. Access to the company’s social media handles for running Meta Ads in a live environment and the opportunity to test your content creation and marketing skills. The benefits are endless when you join us for the internship program.

Yes! we pay Rs. 12000/- as a stipend at the end of project completion subject to specific sales target achievement mentioned in your Internship Approval Letter. You also earn an additional incentive of 10% for each successful sale. The stipend is payable for Hybrid Projects (Online and Offline Assignments).

There are no specific timing requirements. You can work at your flexibility and availability of time to complete your project.

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